DataTables web-API

At SpryMedia (the company who create DataTables) we use a number of different web APIs are created, maintained and used for use in the company. Some of the APIs might be useful for those running a business and for those using DataTables as part of your software tool set.

The public APIs that are available from SpryMedia are presented here.

Important: This is not the documentation for the DataTables API, but rather web API services that we use to run our business. For the DataTables API documentation, please refer to the manual and reference.


The DataTables versions API can be used to determine the latest versions of DataTables and its extensions via a JSON feed.

VAT exchange rates

This API is primarily for use for VAT registered companies or individuals in the UK who conduct business transactions in currency other than Sterling. It is a requirement for VAT compliance to show monetary value in Sterling as well as the currency the transaction was carried out in. HMRC publish exchange rates that can be used for this conversion. This API provides an easy way to query the data for any given date and any currency.